Tranquility Hypnosis

       ..... meaningful change begins with a tranquil mind.


Hypnosis can lead you to a place where you control your own destiny.  A place that by-passes the programming of your mind and allows your higher self to be heard.

Clay, New York



Are You Happy?


Have you reached your fullest  potential, or do you struggle?


Are you vibrantly healthy, or are you compromised?


Do you live with confidence, or do you sometimes feel  fear, depression, and anxiety?


                                    Do you have satisfying relationships?


                                    Do you enjoy your family?


                                    Do you feel lonely?


                                    Is your career on track?


Are you setting and acheiving meaningful goals?


Do you struggle in school? Are you, or your child, anxious about tests?


Would you like to optimize your prowess in sports?


Hypnosis provides the solutions to problems you face every day.


And the best part is..... The solutions come from your own subconscious mind, not from some outside authority.


I will work with you to find lasting solutions in a way that is entirely individual to you!


So what is hypnosis anyway?